The North of England

Our beautiful Northern country drowning

Rivers raging roaring,

Weeping giants tears sweeping,

Stripping all from human and non human beings

Streams rearing leaping, sacrificial land,

Sacred spaces silently screaming

Earth fields and fells crucified

Seeds of life sleeping.



We have returned from a wonderful time spent with my family in Ireland, who flew over from Thailand, staying two days in Holyhead enroute. The Stenna ferry from Holyhead to Dublin is a wonderful way to travel, so calm and stress free, so opposite to flying! Even the food in the restaurants was delicious. The sea was wild but great to observe as we sail across. Trains to Holyhead from Liverpool fantastic, thank you.

Ireland and the Irish people so welcoming. Visiting Castles, Abbeys, Haunted house, the oldest working Lighthouse in the world. White sand and coastal views breathtaking, the emerald Isle indeed with the lush green visible everywhere. Pubs with great food, Guinness,ales and beer  and hospitality and of course the music.

Lots of fun, games and laughter. Cannot wait to return.


At last my poems are in order getting ready to publish later this year. A poem has been requested so I am working on that one when I can ,delving into memories. Normally have an hours dance class at the gym on a Thursday but today I want to spend the hour on the poem, cannot miss the writing mode at the moment!

So very excited, proof read the last amazing chapter of Michaels novel, what an extraordinary talent he has, his first book will be published very soon,mid summer, success and fame just around the corner for him!.



My garden is like an aviary to hundreds of different species of birds, the early morning and late evening birdsong is beautiful. We have a new baby blackbird every year, I always feel sad when the parents fly away and leave the poor little thing. I presume it is survival of the fittest. They have been coming to our garden ever since we moved here thirteen years ago, I love to hear their song. This year the dreaded Magpies seem to have increased in number, great fat shiny cackling things who have already taken, that I know of, three tiny fledglings, sparrows I think, discarding their bodies when eaten enough. However the wood pigeons are beginning to fight back, I have watched the pigeons chasing away the magpies, the male protecting his pregnant female. My garden seems to be a minor mirror image of the world at the moment, fighting and screeching and killing but then the beauty of song and the little birds snuggled together for warmth and protection in the bushes.


Today has been productive but I have had very mixed emotions whilst attempting to clear clothes and books. Reflecting on why have I kept all this, as I cannot wear more than one set of clothes/shoes/boots at a time, or read two books at the same time, well that is not strictly true as more than one book can be read depending on one’s mood. For me poetry or prose or both can easily be perused together.

In the midst of chaos in my bedroom at the moment, listening to Jane, Jennie and Dame Vivienne Westwood on Womans Hour, she inspired me to cut up a beautiful top, removing all the embellishment to reuse at some point in the future, thank you Dame Vivienne, my creativity is resuming, although I have never used a sewing machine but like to hand stitch, the remainder of the top I have cut into pieces for cloths, recycling! Underwear hey I will think of you every time I wear a skirt as I will follow you example!. Thank you Radio 4

The clearing has caused a lot of sadness as I have discovered photographs of and cards from the love of my life who died in 2002, but that will be another story. I am going to continue with the clearing now, already there are mounds of clothes waiting to go to charity, I will drop off in next few days.



I have been away again with friends to Whitby musical festival, what an amazing week. A surprise Birthday party for me with presents, delicious food and our musician friends playing and singing, the best party!  Followed by lunches with other friends during the week. We joined other friends,old and new every evening and were truly entranced with the wonderful talented musicians and the way they involved everyone including new players in the music. The last night fish and chips, more music and dance and not too early bed! Another cottage now booked for next year!


We have returned from gorgeous Zermatt, Switzerland, following a perfect time away with family.   Mountains covered with snow/ice on the top slopes, experienced skiers glinting in the sunshine which shone all week!  The lower slopes, (still very high) laden with velvet greens, thousands of wildflowers white, vibrant blue, yellow, pink.  On the long descent the green pine trees everywhere. How gorgeous they must look covered in snow in the Winter. The environment is perfect!

A divine holiday.

We were all so sad to leave but hopefully one day will return.

England in Spring

I have been travelling in our beautiful country. To Hexham Northumberland, Hadrians wall area, Kinder forest, wonderful walking exploring. Hexham Abbey, awesome! Friendly people, individual shopping, great tea shops/restaurants.

The English lake district, surely one of the most beautiful places on earth. Bounteous  multicoloured blossoms, vibrant pinks,purples, green, yellow, blue. The lakes shimmering in the hot sunshine, Ullswater viewed from the high fells following a strenous walk up Patterdale. Divine!



Today was evocative, meeting a friend for quick catch up we spoke of Australia, she has a Son living over there, and my Son and Daughter emigrated, Son to Melbourne, Daughter to Brisbane. During my last visit to Brisbane 2 years ago we drove to Byron Bay, what an beautiful breathtaking area. We arrived in time for breakfast in the restaurant on the beach. White sands, hot sun, surfers coming out of the ocean walking up the beach and showers to wash the sand away, quick change, cooked breakfast and off to work/school, what a fabulous way to live.

to be continued ……

February 2014

Every day since the killing of our rabbit I have been shown/heard about foxes, either in a magazine, television, email, radio, there was a white van parked at the side of my home today with Fox Rentals written on the side! No I have not written the story yet but it will come.

Christmas was enjoyed with some of my family here, only Peter, Belinda, Scarlet and Maya in Australia again. Good news they are coming here 2014 Christmas, it will be so lovely for my whole family all to be together again.

Michael has been very ill for more than a week now, real influenza what a horrible illness, today a teeny bit better so hopefully he is reaching the corner to turn! I cancelled my train journey to Carole’s to celebrate Rich 40th Birthday, and of course they were very kind and concerned. That is the second time I have been prevented from going and to claim a refund one has to produce a Doctors letter which cost as much as the train tickets, so it is not worth it!

Having decided on New Years Day to restart to drive I drove around the block, it felt really weird but oh the relief of becoming independent again, only driving locally at the moment but now my broken bones are healed and becoming more flexible I will soon go further.

My car has been recalled for a safety check so will be driving to Preston on Monday the 10th for airbag check.and hope Michael will be well enough to come with me.

It seems so long since I wrote a post and so much has happened but I hope to get back into the discipline of writing every eve again