COVID – 19

My observations.

March 2020

(Before continuing to read please know I deeply sympathise with anyone whose loved ones have died, are fighting for life and struggling in many ways due to this epidemic)

Bless my enemies for they are my teachers.

Fires raging , floods, locusts, bird flu, foot and mouth disease, swine flu. black death, what are the lessons here? Who is listening?

Has this virus come as a massive lesson to us all, or at least to the ones who are prepared to listen?
Reflecting on the devastating results to humans, the coming together, observing the very best of people, but the growing division of the absolute worst.

Stepping out from home with Ziggy, our adopted rescued greyhound, into the untamed stunning nature outside my home, the marshes teeming with life, streams cleaner, hypnotic flights of birds, the grass deeper green, wild flowers, yellow daffodils blooming amongst bracken. Silence intercepted with birdsong . The wind rippling the water while sunlight slices the shadows.
Me, imagining what it must be like to fly above like a bird, gazing down at our human activity.
People terrified, naturally, of an invisible destructive force. fear travelling through our lives surely weakens our immune system.

Some of the human race has been worshipping money and power as if gold is a God, power the instrument, humans cannot get enough of it. Status symbols, how much is in the bank, must have the latest cars/ property/art/clothes/furniture/ jewellery, celebrity status, etc. These are the people whose voices/actions are heard and influence others. Has time truly arrived to listen and see the unheard, the deprived, depressed, homeless, abused, asylum seekers, refugees, the non human beings/animals/reptiles/birds, the trees.
Ancient woodlands threatened with destruction to enable trains to run through the space where they have survived and served us for generations, where rare plants and insects live and thrive purifying our environment and the air we breathe. These cannot ever be replaced.

If Covid-19 originated from a market in China, where live non human beings are trapped in cages, boxes, tanks, bile drained from bears, legs cut off dogs, puppy farms, rare exotic reptiles, hunting of species threatened with extinction, ripped apart, absolute horror for sentient beings. For healing?Chinese medicine? Really? Not for me I would rather be dead then have any of this!
Other countries in the world are also responsible for this activity. Testing on animals trapped in cages in laboratories, world wide. Why animals? Helpless victims, with no voice to object, only screams of pain and terror. Excruciating death.

Now the humans are trapped, ( hardly, we can walk once a day, food shop for essentials) locked down, borders closed, unable to continue with normal activity, but it will not be for ever, this will pass. Spare a thought and action for the non human beings who are been subjected to horrific torture before death, happening right now as you are reading this.

I wish for a time when our consciousness will rise so we begin to observe and feel with different energy, vibrate on a much higher level. Where every living breathing system is of value, for what it is, not what it is worth in monetary value. Where we connect fully with our fabulous Earth, a living breathing organism, and learn to live with each other in harmony before it is too late.

7 thoughts on “Covid-19

  1. Thought provoking ,beautiful, yet hard truths xxx that we all need to think about thank you for helping me to stop look and listen xxxxxx❤❤❤

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  2. I cannot comprehend people who do not have compassion for animals, nature and for people who do not ‘fit in’. I very much enjoy my walks with Romy and see the trees getting greener. At least nature is getting a breather at the moment. Will things change for the better after Covid-19, I truly hope so. 🙏🏽✨🌈

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  3. This is the problem people don’t think for themselves. Lessens are learnt but at what price , what conscious level . But I see good here for people too.
    Together, for the first time as a unit, support, understanding, love and forgiveness, families talking, going out for walks, talks, laughing and happy this is a good thing, and maybe lots of lessons are being made.

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  4. It was so enlightening to read your observations which are perfectly true, you are so gifted to be able to put it into words, which we can’t always express thank you x

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  5. What you write is so thought provoking. The beauty of the non human world, their co-existance in harmony and peace, killing only to eat, protecting their kind, not judging, is something humans should aspire to. We can learn so much from non humans & I hope, when this is all over, that more humans will see the light and the true value in life. It has brought out such acts of kindness, of pulling together to help the poor, the vulnerable, those who need our help – mirroring the non human way of life, that I truly hope will continue and spread to those who need to understand.
    To move amongst the flowers with their beautiful colours and forms, seeing the buds bursting into leaf on the trees and to hear the call of the birds as they search for mates and nesting materials fills me with hope and wonder.

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  6. My dear friend. Tears flow as i read your beautiful words. I have felt like this for many days.
    Greed selfish uncaring world we live in at the moment. But there are a collection of like minded light workers who do care and together we can change things there is light which we can anchor in our world for healing like never before. NOW IS OUR TIME TO SHINE and we will. Our planet, trees animals birds flowers, and humans are precious and now is the time to appreciate what we have and be thankful Inshallah

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  7. Every living thing in the wonderful natural world which, we have inherited and cruelly trashed, is sacred. We are all connected and the destruction of nature is leading to our own. I struggle to understand what goes on in the minds and hearts of people who can torture living things or ravage and poison a beautiful land. The Canadian Government has recently given permission to Costco to cut down a Boreal Forest, an unspoiled ancient miracle of trees plants fungi animals bird and insects laid down at the beginning of time. To make lavatory paper a little bit cheaper for Costco customers and to make the global company even more billions richer. Every Costco member invests in this destruction and is complicit. And this is happening at scale with all our monstrous extractive industries. We must become informed and responsible and recognise that every purchase we make is investing in sustainable growth which protects the natural world or in harmful and deadly destruction. Heaven or Hell on earth.

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