Wondering and wandering

Wide Saucer eyes

Following fluff from dandelions

blowing in the breeze

Dancing and flowing

not a care, just,

where to plant their seed?

known as weeds

Grandmother taught the benefits

healing with powerful ‘weeds’


I stepped into the Bluebell Wood

Tiny Blue, Pink, and White Bells

Protected beneath ancient English Oaks

Branches outstretched

Dressed in green leaves

Stepping where we walked

Laughed, loved, talked

Fragrance envelopes me

Filling my heart space

Shimmering grieving beauty

Enfolded in the healing arms

Gentle, powerful Gaia.


We spy your rotten centre

Poison to the core

Agony to other lives

Death, the spoils of war

A tyrant in full unglory

Hidden in his bunker

A coward scuttling away

Destruction in his fury

What, you want full glory

Lucifer laughs and spits

As you are thrown into the screaming pits.


Fleeting images

Slide into view

Photographic snapshots

The old woman

Struggling to bend

Posting newspapers

Through letterboxes

Houses filled to overflowing

With presents, glitter and gold

As she shuffles along

In her pink jacket and old leather shoes

Image burned into my memory

I blew a blessing

Unnoticed unseen

Prior to Christmas Eve.

Silver Sixpence

My sister Marjorie took a long walk

around the garden of my heart

Planting seeds of love

Witnessed by a pair of white doves

Fluttering above

I mused her lost words

Sounds that echo

Down the years

A silver sixpence

you are

Beautiful shining bright

Words echo from afar.