Fleeting images

Slide into view

Photographic snapshots

The old woman

Struggling to bend

Posting newspapers

Through letterboxes

Houses filled to overflowing

With presents, glitter and gold

As she shuffles along

In her pink jacket and old leather shoes

Image burned into my memory

I blew a blessing

Unnoticed unseen

Prior to Christmas Eve.

Silver Sixpence

My sister Marjorie took a long walk

around the garden of my heart

Planting seeds of love

Witnessed by white doves

Fluttering above

I mused her lost words

Sounds that echo

Down the years

A silver sixpence

you are

Beautiful shining bright

Words echo from afar.


The beginning of a short imaginative story!

(irony, sad humour, observation}

To be read aloud.


Moaning Spec

Lived in a chick shed

but dreamt of becoming a Queen

She bought on the ‘peg’

Learnt how to dress

manipulate those unseen

Appeared on screen

Lapped up the cream

Only achieved second best

Hmmn what should she do?

Widen the view

Research the new

Spied a wandering Prince

Dreams could come true!

Working the fame

Using his name

Spec went out of view


Baby arrived in a rush

everything went kaboosh

Princess Spec stamped bullied and screamed

leaned on the latest revues

But didn’t materialise her dream

centre of attention

Becoming A Queen!

Prince controlled

Spec specialised, created

celebrity escape

attempted to destroy the crown

Pushed herself very low down

Sad Prince entered the shed

and sat down

his crown fallen down

Royal seat now a low stool

Shoved in the hen shed.


Grinds like the ocean

Gently lapping on the seashore

Sensitivity raw, soothed

relaxed, meditative hypnotic

Dramatically deceitful, shocking

Powerful waves dragging you

Down, drowning in sorrow

Can’t breathe.