I continue to wonder why some humans are so unpleasant towards each other. Reading a fascinating book about our brain and who are we, gives insight into one’s own brain. The activity happening inside our brain is massive, constant non stop action. I love to stop and watch the self and the self’s behaviour. Defensive, angry, protective, highly sensitive, perfectionist, creative, healer, passionate. Who is this? who creates all these emotions, feelings, who or what drives this vehicle of muscle, bone,cells. Who thinks?

The questions continue, the small voice needs to be listened to. The loud voice wants to be the power centre but sometimes makes mistakes.

Daily observations. Listen to the small voice.

Meditation stills everything, so beautiful to gaze into the tiny snowdrops peeking through the freezing earth. The awesome light of these tiny fragile beauties but their strength is herculean. To push through the harsh dark winters, pressing for the light and blossoming in full glory. To still the mind, stay awhile and watch the stillness and clarity. Breathing slows, calmness settles and we become part of this amazing planet which needs to be worshipped.

I see the moon peeping now from a clear sky which is lit by sparkling stars. Lunar love.