having moved from Australia to Thailand It is so good to hear my son is happy in his job. the last few weeks he has flown to Borneo/ Bejjing/New York it sounds so glamorous but is very hard work, his work ethic is superb which is why he is so excellent at his job and was head hunted for this position.

Hopefully we will get together next year in Italy when my three children and their  families will spend a beautiful time together.


Having returned from another fantastic week in Whitby I have been reflecting on the whole time we spent there. It was truly wonderful to share with close friends a week of music talks walks meals laughter and more and more music. We held a party for our friends J and N who met a year ago, our musician friends played so magically, entertaining our ever expanding friends including the lovely neighbours. they played music until darkness fell then it was time to go join other friends for more music.

I was delighted to be asked to write some lyrics for a very talented young musician who then performed his piece the following evening to great acclaim. I feel he has a great future ahead of him and hope to write more as requested.


What a beautiful town.     enjoyed a few days with my lovely daughter Carole son in law Rich and grandchildren Kara and Luke. Hexham Abbey is awesome. Carole and I enjoyed a deeply emotional evensong on the 31st July the eve of her Birthday at Hexham Abbey.

On the 1st August we travelled to Angel of the North together then on to Durham Botanical Gardens, Carole wanted to see the century flowering cactus. We enjoyed our time together, unfortunately, Kara could not come as she was working but we were all together in the evening.

Carole;s Birthday cake was delicious apparently,  Kara and I had gluten free chocolate cake which was scrumptious.