Ancient brown stone

Weathered and beaten

Standing strong

Dignified, alone

Battered by gales

Biting howling

Whistling wild wind

Torrential icy rain

She, solid as a rock

Steeped in the old ways

Immovable in the raging

Of the wild haunting.

Stepping inside

Explosion of vibrant colour

Expanse of welcoming warmth

Harmonious melodic music

Vibrant musicians

Encapsulated in their world

Hot comfort food

Liquid luxury

Two distinct parts

Complete symmetry

Perfect gathering


© Elizabeth Rowland-Elliott 2/5/2023


Ancient mighty observers

Giants witnessed by trees

Symbols of magic and mystery

Ancestors drift amongst history

Sacred Earthland

Peeping between the stones

Tiny blue forget me knots

Golden Buttercups

Grass of Emerald green

Misty mountain hues

Healing embracing nature

Sweeping away the blues




Wondering and wandering

Wide Saucer eyes

Following fluff from dandelions

blowing in the breeze

Dancing and flowing

not a care, just,

where to plant their seed?

known as weeds

Grandmother taught the benefits

healing with powerful ‘weeds’


I stepped into the Bluebell Wood

Tiny Blue, Pink, and White Bells

Protected beneath ancient English Oaks

Branches outstretched

Dressed in green leaves

Stepping where we walked

Laughed, loved, talked

Fragrance envelopes me

Filling my heart space

Shimmering grieving beauty

Enfolded in the healing arms

Gentle, powerful Gaia.


We spy your rotten centre

Poison to the core

Agony to other lives

Death, the spoils of war

A tyrant in full unglory

Hidden in his bunker

A coward scuttling away

Destruction in his fury

What, you want full glory

Lucifer laughs and spits

As you are thrown into the screaming pits.