Today has been productive but I have had very mixed emotions whilst attempting to clear clothes and books. Reflecting on why have I kept all this, as I cannot wear more than one set of clothes/shoes/boots at a time, or read two books at the same time, well that is not strictly true as more than one book can be read depending on one’s mood. For me poetry or prose or both can easily be perused together.

In the midst of chaos in my bedroom at the moment, listening to Jane, Jennie and Dame Vivienne Westwood on Womans Hour, she inspired me to cut up a beautiful top, removing all the embellishment to reuse at some point in the future, thank you Dame Vivienne, my creativity is resuming, although I have never used a sewing machine but like to hand stitch, the remainder of the top I have cut into pieces for cloths, recycling! Underwear hey I will think of you every time I wear a skirt as I will follow you example!. Thank you Radio 4

The clearing has caused a lot of sadness as I have discovered photographs of and cards from the love of my life who died in 2002, but that will be another story. I am going to continue with the clearing now, already there are mounds of clothes waiting to go to charity, I will drop off in next few days.