Wild Swan

My beautiful best friend died on the 10th January, 2019, my loss is immeasurable but for her it was a release.

As poetry lovers we shared many favourite poems, one of which is Wild Swans at Coole by W.D.Yeats.

Yesterday I was in my garden and suddenly I heard the beating of powerful wings, looking up, transfixed, I gazed on a large white swan flying directly overhead, circling my garden several times. The sound and vision of the beating wings of this magnificent royal bird is a most extraordinary sound, if you have never heard this then I hope one day you will be given this gift of sight and sound and remember my true tale.

A long time ago my friend and I were studying spirituality and the mystery of Being, our teacher explained that flying swans carried reincarnating Souls and the Souls of the departed. As I watched the swan circling me overhead I knew my friend was saying goodbye. As I whispered rest in peace and thank you, the swan circled once more and turning directly to the East, flew, with magnificent wings so strong and positive to continue the journey where I cannot go.

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