The Edges

When difference occurs, the observer notices the downward look of aversion. Humans look away, cross the street, turn into the opposite direction. Eyes do not want to look. Why is this I wonder? With animals, when a young litter is born, the mother will leave out the imperfect one to die, the runt of the litter is abandoned, so the strong survive.

What, if any, instinct survives in humans, the cruelty inflicted on helpless disabled people, with learning difficulties autism, the old, horrific cruelty and abuse on dependent people, is this instinct or are some ‘carers’ less than human? If so what are they?

These ‘carers’ feel no compassion, so therefore they don’t feel any empathy, but how have they been employed, are they manipulators? Cruelty inflicted on animals is also appalling but what happens to the perpetrators, why does this happen, why is it allowed to happen. What is wrong with these ‘people’, the scum of the earth, to do terrible things to humans and animals.

These are observation, I make no judgements but the questions remain, why? and why is it allowed to continue, do humans turn away and leave the helpless in the edge-land.

Pregnancy and the use of language.

My question is, why are so many people, mainly women constantly saying……”I FELL pregnant” what on earth do you mean? do you think you fell over and miraculously found yourself having a baby?

This “fell pregnant” is a ridiculous statement, please try and think before uttering the words, there are so many different alternatives. Perhaps you could investigate a library and look at a dictionary? look on your smartphone, laptop electronic device, be careful, you may fall over and whatever could happen next!!

Wild Swan

My beautiful best friend died on the 10th January, 2019, my loss is immeasurable but for her it was a release.

As poetry lovers we used to share many favourite poems, one of which is Wild Swans at Coole by W.D.Yeats.

Yesterday I was in my garden and suddenly I heard the beating of powerful wings, looking up, transfixed, I gazed on a large swan flying overhead, circling me and my garden. The sound of the wind and beating wings is a most extraordinary sound, if you have never heard this then I hope one day you will be given this gift of sight and sound and remember my true tale.

A long time ago my friend and I were studying spirituality and the mystery of Being, our teacher explained that flying swans carried reincarnating Souls and the Souls of the departed. As I watched the swan circling me overhead I knew my friend was saying goodbye. As I whispered rest in peace and thank you, the swan circled once more and turning directly to the East, flew, with magnificent wings so strong and positive to continue the journey where I cannot go.

Crows 4

Please read Crows 1/2/3/4

Having always known, as far back as I can remember as a tiny child,  it is my belief, which I have always passed on to others of spiritually inquiring minds, that birds are messengers and like all non humans beings, they are aware of energies unseen by the human eye.

Think of your own domestic pet and observe what they see, out of your own vision but clear to them. Horses and dogs especially are aware of your moods, their love is unconditional. Undomesticated beings are at one with nature and all surrounding them, they know where to find food, water and shelter, flee when danger is near, sensing what is coming and alerting their own kin. Survival is priority but they are non destructive, this is a human activity.

Crows 3 Synchronisation or Superstition?

Please read crows 1/ 2/3/4 comments are appreciated, thank you.

The legend of a crow court describes how a flock of crows descend onto a magpie or another rebel crow and form a ring around the accused bird , questioning takes place, if the verdict of the prisoner by the court is judged guilty, the prisoner is pecked to death.

My parents who were country people, my Father, son of farmers and my Mother, daughter of a head butler and his wife, granddaughter of a headmaster and his wife, all who lived and worked in the country and were steeped in country ways, passed this legend about the crows to me.

I was also taught about magpies and how unlucky it is to see only one, one for sorrow two for joy, and when magpies are seen always perform a little ceremony, which I have always followed.

Early morning of the 30th November 2018 on holiday again in a cottage in our beautiful English Lake District which I love, simultaneously I saw a lone magpie and heard a song which I attribute to very bad luck, quickly switching off the music I saluted the magpie. Dismissing all of this, not being superstitious, I left the cottage for a days fell walking.

The day was beautiful, every moment was savoured, planning to either walk or drive to a further destination for a high walk and needing supplies which I purchased at the local supermarket, stopping at a favourite cafe for the best coffee.  Ready to walk to my car, not far away, to drop off the shopping.

Almost at my car my left booted foot hit a rock which was buried beneath leaves and gravel,  I remember hitting the ground very hard then nothing, hearing a man’s voice calling to me are you ok, the kindest man I have met, a stranger, his eyes were full of concern as he asked can he call someone, he asked if I was alright to get up, he lifted me up and spoke again about ringing for help, I reassured him and said I would be ok and thanked him, then realised my lovely new sunglasses were smashed to bits, shopping splayed, I was covered in gravel and dirt, he helped with all of this. I cannot thank this man enough, he rescued me from concussion. He told me he had actually driven the wrong way, I noticed his small red van with the door wide open so he must have ran to me. I was in shock so did not ask his name, so wish I had, I would like to thank him again for what he did for me, grateful for ever!

It is a week later and my face and body are still black and blue, my left eye badly swollen still but all getting better, the shock lasted several days. Keswick hospital are wonderful, I cannot thank them enough, they told me I have been very lucky.

The area where this accident happened is named Crow Park.


Please read Crows 1 and 2 and 3, comments are appreciated, thank you.

Crows 1

My partner lay dying in hospital , he was transferred to an emergency bed 28 miles away from where we were staying, (we had gone to the lake district for a weekend’s walking but he was taken ill and 3 weeks later he died)  I drove every day to his side and stayed with him all day until night when I drove the 28 miles back to try and sleep.

The last few days of this travel, when half way to the hospital, I began to notice hundreds of  crows gathering in the trees, as I drove through this gathering they started flying over and near to my car, the cawing, screeching noise was deafening. I began to dread this journey but stealed myself to do it , it became a living nightmare in every way, a representative of what had happened to our lives.

I have not talked or written about the crows to anyone at the time or in the 16 years since his passing, but due to happenings yesterday I felt compelled to compose a  poem and just mention the behaviour of  the crows so long ago.

What happened yesterday will be written about in the near future.

The terrible day he died, I had to drive the same journey away from the hospital, but no crows were visible.

This is a true account.