Crows 3 Synchronisation or Superstition?

Please read crows 1/ 2/3/4 comments are appreciated, thank you.

The legend of a crow court describes how a flock of crows descend onto a magpie or another rebel crow and form a ring around the accused bird , questioning takes place, if the verdict of the prisoner by the court is judged guilty, the prisoner is pecked to death.

My parents who were country people, my Father, son of farmers and my Mother, daughter of a head butler and his wife, granddaughter of a headmaster and his wife, all who lived and worked in the country and were steeped in country ways, passed this legend about the crows to me.

I was also taught about magpies and how unlucky it is to see only one, one for sorrow two for joy, and when magpies are seen always perform a little ceremony, which I have always followed.

Early morning of the 30th November 2018 on holiday again in a cottage in our beautiful English Lake District which I love, simultaneously I saw a lone magpie and heard a song which I attribute to very bad luck, quickly switching off the music I saluted the magpie. Dismissing all of this, not being superstitious, I left the cottage for a days fell walking.

The day was beautiful, every moment was savoured, planning to either walk or drive to a further destination for a high walk and needing supplies which I purchased at the local supermarket, stopping at a favourite cafe for the best coffee.  Ready to walk to my car, not far away, to drop off the shopping.

Almost at my car my left booted foot hit a rock which was buried beneath leaves and gravel,  I remember hitting the ground very hard then nothing, hearing a man’s voice calling to me are you ok, the kindest man I have met, a stranger, his eyes were full of concern as he asked can he call someone, he asked if I was alright to get up, he lifted me up and spoke again about ringing for help, I reassured him and said I would be ok and thanked him, then realised my lovely new sunglasses were smashed to bits, shopping splayed, I was covered in gravel and dirt, he helped with all of this. I cannot thank this man enough, he rescued me from concussion. He told me he had actually driven the wrong way, I noticed his small red van with the door wide open so he must have ran to me. I was in shock so did not ask his name, so wish I had, I would like to thank him again for what he did for me, grateful for ever!

It is a week later and my face and body are still black and blue, my left eye badly swollen still but all getting better, the shock lasted several days. Keswick hospital are wonderful, I cannot thank them enough, they told me I have been very lucky.

The area where this accident happened is named Crow Park.


Please read Crows 1 and 2 and 3, comments are appreciated, thank you.

6 thoughts on “Crows 3 Synchronisation or Superstition?

  1. Oh! What an awful experience and I’m so glad you are fully (I hope) recovered from this ordeal. I’ve been pondering about this whole scenario about the crows in your life and first of all I thought some darker energy was involved but maybe the crows knew and tried to forewarn you and also the magpie had foreseen that you were going to have a nasty fall! Although the noisy crows were a scary and unpleasant experience at a very upsetting and difficult time, it must have been very eary and horrible. But if you look at the flip side, the light side, they where being messengers. You might disagree and I might be wrong but who knows?

    • Thank you for reading and leaving a comment Claire, which I appreciate. I am very positive and know I was looked after in every way, it is great to see comments and thoughts which can bring deep thought and reflection for all.

  2. Thank you Elizabeth for sharing this story, after so many years too.

    I agree with you Claire.

    I believe birds have a kind of knowing, a knowing that we as human sometimes stifle.
    Animal kind is instinctive and are in touch with what is real. We are so busy living a life we sometimes block the signals. I can only speak for my self, of course, but sometimes I feel as if I put on my human mask and ignore signs and messages.

    One message I wasn’t able to ignore, and I did indeed share this with you Elizabeth
    July, Summer 2017.
    Michael had been taken into hospital, I was visiting him daily, many times a day. He was very distressed, and didn’t like being held in hospital.
    There was a single magpie, that was a constant visitor to my garden, during those months, either on the roof as I left the house, or in the garden as I opened the curtains, and this bird looked at me and made a loud magpie noise at me whenever it saw me. I remember saying to you, ‘one for sorrow’ I used to ask him where his mate was. He would be on my roof as I left the house usually shrieking, and often when I returned home.
    Then, one morning I opened my bedroom curtains, to see an eagle, on my lawn, it’s huge talons holding what looked like a sea gull, crushing the bird, it was struggling and shrieking, again the eagle looked up at me, a piecing stare. I moved away to get my phone to take a photo and heard it fly off, as I looked he was carrying it over the house opposite, leaving some crushed white feathers all over my lawn. I left the mound of feathers for some time, whilst asking, what message do you have for me?
    I knew I being supported and warned by the birds. I did see these as messages and recognised them as a death, of some sort.
    My husband, Michael died in September. The single magpie never returned. By then all the white feathers on the lawn had dissipated. Also, during this past year, I have been visited by two magpies, from time to time, as if to say, life goes on!
    I look forward to reading episode 4, I imagine your story has more to say.

  3. Your optimism , positive and beautiful nature dismissed the signs . I have done this on numerous occasions with great lessons to be learnt . Loved your words and expression x So happy your a great healer to others and yourself xxxxx

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