Crows 1

My partner lay dying in hospital , he was transferred to an emergency bed 28 miles away from where we were staying, (we had gone to the lake district for a weekend’s walking but he was taken ill and 3 weeks later he died)  I drove every day to his side and stayed with him all day until night when I drove the 28 miles back to try and sleep.

The last few days of this travel, when half way to the hospital, I began to notice hundreds of  crows gathering in the trees, as I drove through this gathering they started flying over and near to my car, the cawing, screeching noise was deafening. I began to dread this journey but stealed myself to do it , it became a living nightmare in every way, a representative of what had happened to our lives.

I have not talked or written about the crows to anyone at the time or in the 16 years since his passing, but due to happenings yesterday I felt compelled to compose a  poem and just mention the behaviour of  the crows so long ago.

What happened yesterday will be written about in the near future.

The terrible day he died, I had to drive the same journey away from the hospital, but no crows were visible.

This is a true account.


2 thoughts on “Crows 1

  1. hi just in compound in Gambia started to read you work. came across it by accident no accident I know . amazing I feel very humble to read your account the day you loved one died large crows are all over Gambia cackling awaking fighting soring
    high in the sky. not a favourite of mine always thought as unlucky two days ago whilst walking on my own my shoe broke and down in went grazed knee and elbow walked barefoot I met a shoe menlder by on side of road he lent me some beach shoes whilst he mended my Sandall. I was lucky with only slight inj back to your writings loved to read all of them A very talented writer ando special friend💜💜xx

    • Dear Margaret, Thank you for reading and commenting on my website, So glad you have found me and thank you for following me and your compliments! I do hope you are ok and bruising and injury calming? Much love and light as always. xxx

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