There is a general opinion, when there is silence, nothing is heard or being spoken, but I know the energy lines, in and around us, the aura, have a line of communication which is invisible to human consciousness. The unconscious is listening and non verbal communication is taking place. Thoughts have a power and link up with the energy lines , sending and receiving messages.

Silence can be disturbing, irritating, calming, healing, meditative.



COVID – 19

My observations.

March 2020

(Before continuing to read please know I deeply sympathise with anyone whose loved ones have died, are fighting for life and struggling in many ways due to this epidemic)

Bless my enemies for they are my teachers.

Fires raging , floods, locusts, bird flu, foot and mouth disease, swine flu. black death, what are the lessons here? Who is listening?

Has this virus come as a massive lesson to us all, or at least to the ones who are prepared to listen?
Reflecting on the devastating results to humans, the coming together, observing the very best of people, but the growing division of the absolute worst.

Stepping out from home with Ziggy, our adopted rescued greyhound, into the untamed stunning nature outside my home, the marshes teeming with life, streams cleaner, hypnotic flights of birds, the grass deeper green, wild flowers, yellow daffodils blooming amongst bracken. Silence intercepted with birdsong . The wind rippling the water while sunlight slices the shadows.
Me, imagining what it must be like to fly above like a bird, gazing down at our human activity.
People terrified, naturally, of an invisible destructive force. fear travelling through our lives surely weakens our immune system.

Some of the human race has been worshipping money and power as if gold is a God, power the instrument, humans cannot get enough of it. Status symbols, how much is in the bank, must have the latest cars/ property/art/clothes/furniture/ jewellery, celebrity status, etc. These are the people whose voices/actions are heard and influence others. Has time truly arrived to listen and see the unheard, the deprived, depressed, homeless, abused, asylum seekers, refugees, the non human beings/animals/reptiles/birds, the trees.
Ancient woodlands threatened with destruction to enable trains to run through the space where they have survived and served us for generations, where rare plants and insects live and thrive purifying our environment and the air we breathe. These cannot ever be replaced.

If Covid-19 originated from a market in China, where live non human beings are trapped in cages, boxes, tanks, bile drained from bears, legs cut off dogs, puppy farms, rare exotic reptiles, hunting of species threatened with extinction, ripped apart, absolute horror for sentient beings. For healing?Chinese medicine? Really? Not for me I would rather be dead then have any of this!
Other countries in the world are also responsible for this activity. Testing on animals trapped in cages in laboratories, world wide. Why animals? Helpless victims, with no voice to object, only screams of pain and terror. Excruciating death.

Now the humans are trapped, ( hardly, we can walk once a day, food shop for essentials) locked down, borders closed, unable to continue with normal activity, but it will not be for ever, this will pass. Spare a thought and action for the non human beings who are been subjected to horrific torture before death, happening right now as you are reading this.

I wish for a time when our consciousness will rise so we begin to observe and feel with different energy, vibrate on a much higher level. Where every living breathing system is of value, for what it is, not what it is worth in monetary value. Where we connect fully with our fabulous Earth, a living breathing organism, and learn to live with each other in harmony before it is too late.

Dark Mirror

The opposite side of light is darkness, hidden from view, both are needed for the perfect balance in life. Yin/Yang. Day and Night. Both beautiful when in balance What happens when the dark becomes so unbalanced and dense that no light filters through. The shadow self, the hidden dragon waiting to bring fire and death to whatever opposes it.. In our world at this time there is a terrible darkness where the darkness is actually winning but we have to urgently recover our light, and keep both sides in total balance.

The Edges

When difference occurs, the observer notices the downward look of aversion. Humans look away, cross the street, turn into the opposite direction. Eyes do not want to look. Why is this I wonder? With animals, when a young litter is born, the mother will leave out the imperfect one to die, the runt of the litter is abandoned, so the strong survive.

What, if any, instinct survives in humans, the cruelty inflicted on helpless disabled people, with learning difficulties autism, the old, horrific cruelty and abuse on dependent people, is this instinct or are some ‘carers’ less than human? If so what are they?

These ‘carers’ feel no compassion, so therefore they don’t feel any empathy, but how have they been employed, are they manipulators? Cruelty inflicted on animals is also appalling but what happens to the perpetrators, why does this happen, why is it allowed to happen. What is wrong with these ‘people’, the scum of the earth, to do terrible things to humans and animals.

These are observation, I make no judgements but the questions remain, why? and why is it allowed to continue, do humans turn away and leave the helpless in the edge-land.

Pregnancy and the use of language.

My question is, why are so many people, mainly women constantly saying……”I FELL pregnant” what on earth do you mean? do you think you fell over and miraculously found yourself having a baby?

This “fell pregnant” is a ridiculous statement, please try and think before uttering the words, there are so many different alternatives. Perhaps you could investigate a library and look at a dictionary? look on your smartphone, laptop electronic device, be careful, you may fall over and whatever could happen next!!

Wild Swan

My beautiful best friend died on the 10th January, 2019, my loss is immeasurable but for her it was a release.

As poetry lovers we used to share many favourite poems, one of which is Wild Swans at Coole by W.D.Yeats.

Yesterday I was in my garden and suddenly I heard the beating of powerful wings, looking up, transfixed, I gazed on a large swan flying overhead, circling me and my garden. The sound of the wind and beating wings is a most extraordinary sound, if you have never heard this then I hope one day you will be given this gift of sight and sound and remember my true tale.

A long time ago my friend and I were studying spirituality and the mystery of Being, our teacher explained that flying swans carried reincarnating Souls and the Souls of the departed. As I watched the swan circling me overhead I knew my friend was saying goodbye. As I whispered rest in peace and thank you, the swan circled once more and turning directly to the East, flew, with magnificent wings so strong and positive to continue the journey where I cannot go.

Crows 4

Please read Crows 1/2/3/4

Having always known, as far back as I can remember as a tiny child,  it is my belief, which I have always passed on to others of spiritually inquiring minds, that birds are messengers and like all non humans beings, they are aware of energies unseen by the human eye.

Think of your own domestic pet and observe what they see, out of your own vision but clear to them. Horses and dogs especially are aware of your moods, their love is unconditional. Undomesticated beings are at one with nature and all surrounding them, they know where to find food, water and shelter, flee when danger is near, sensing what is coming and alerting their own kin. Survival is priority but they are non destructive, this is a human activity.