A day in the life of………………..continued

Following the horrible killing by fox/s of our white rabbit, her head was ripped off and her eyes lay staring terrified but not much else was left, I closed her eyes and my son Michael and me buried what was left, the day spiralled into a black dog day.  Later that same day at a friends house I accidentally wrapped my left foot lower leg into a extension lead which was slightly off the floor and plugged into a socket which triggered a fall into steel legs of table and chairs. One second I am upright the next smashed and broken battered and bruised left wrist, left hand fingers and  knuckles, and right hand fingers right side of neck and shoulders/head. I must have been knocked out for a second or two as I do not remember hitting the floor.

Only a few days before this happening a friend and I were talking of how life can change in the time it takes to flick two fingers together, How strange it seems that three days later my life changed involving my fingers.

Having arrived at the very busy casualty department of our local hospital I was seen by triage nurse who gave pain killers and asked me to wait,  four hours later and interesting conversations with the sick and injured, ( I made a casualty buddy friend ) I was ushered into a consulting room and was assessed by the casualty Doctor, who was absolutely wonderful to me, professional, kind and explained  plan A if I had to go to theatre for operation, plan B if no theatre. Following xrays, a short stay in observation ward and an hour or so later my poor paw, wrist and fingers had been plastered into a cast, my fingers into a buddy, all this done with the expertise of plaster technician. I cannot speak highly enough of the excellent care that was given to me when I needed it most.

In hindsight was it the shock of finding our rabbit ripped to pieces which filled my thoughts and took my concentration away from the mindfullness of the moment.

The very next morning Michael went to have a look at her burial site and fox/s had been back and taken her remains.

Every day since the black dog day I have seen images of a fox, in magazine, puppets, tv, soft toys via email so I am looking at my next short story which is waiting to be written, of course it will be involving fox.


2 thoughts on “A day in the life of………………..continued

  1. I was in your garden , your beautiful writings transports me into the centre of the page , looking back , excited to look forward to your wonderous writings xxxxxx

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