A Day in the Life of……….

Sorry I have been absent for a while dear reader, thank you very much for following my posts.

it has been a strange and turbulent time.  Last Monday my day seemed to exhibit and mirror the howling gale force winds and torrential rain, lashing and battering every nook and cranny wherever it could sneak in.

The day began as usual with happiness and gratitude, yoga stretching following a deep sleep, then dance downstairs to fill the kettle for morning tea, while kettle heating up i take a rich tea biscuit, a favourite feed for our white rabbit, named Moustachio, who has the freedom she desires outside in the rear patio. i was met with a scene of carnage as our lovely rabbit had been killed by fox/s. i could not believe what I was seeing and had to stand and gaze in horror, not even feeling the pouring rain.

My son Michael came downstairs and was about to go outside to give Moustachio a biscuit when I asked him not to and had to warn him what had happened. We went outside together and Michael dug a hole in the garden and we buried her. So terribly sad.

Moustachio was a rescue rabbit and she came to live with us a long time ago.  She arrived an aggressive frightened biting  scratching little creature, who loathed her hutch and only used it as a toilet. She had her freedom to roam and just be who she wanted to be. Michael built her a little cave in which she hid, and she also loved to be under the branches of one our fallen trees. She grew in personality and stature both very large! She was happy and became softer and more gentle, always running to us  for her little treats, chasing away any birds that dared to come near her territory.

The fox/s came back and now there is not a trace left of our lovely rabbit.

The fox/s are becoming more urban, more of their territory is destroyed daily and they have less and less areas to live and thrive and look after their young, many are starving due to human destruction.  We were shocked and are still upset at the loss of our non human loved one but she had a wonderful life with us, yes in hindsight had we had known foxes were around we would have fastened her in the hated hutch at night but she would have loathed it and we could not imprison any animal to a life of misery trapped in a cage.

Our life has been enriched by having Moustachio in our life.  I hope you are in the arms of Angels now little being.

To be continued………….

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