Looking over my posts, I see the preparations for publishing my poems was two years ago! oh dear what happened, still not published. This really is not good enough. Having contacted an illustrator two years ago, who chose three poems to illustrate, I was surprised and disappointed to discover that the illustrator had decided on completion to keep the original pictures. This unfortunately had not been discussed prior to collection. I realise now that this had affected me on a deep level as I just ended up with photocopies of the originals. The artist had never illustrated anything before this commission and I can understand why she wanted to keep the paintings, however it was my work that inspired the art and she agreed with this.

We did not fall out at all and I accepted the copies and paid full price for them, but do not feel the same and now do not want them with the poems.

However short stories will develop around the art and hopefully they will go onto my site or into a slim volume of my work.

Positive action from another experience.

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