My garden is like an aviary to hundreds of different species of birds, the early morning and late evening birdsong is beautiful. We have a new baby blackbird every year, I always feel sad when the parents fly away and leave the poor little thing. I presume it is survival of the fittest. They have been coming to our garden ever since we moved here thirteen years ago, I love to hear their song. This year the dreaded Magpies seem to have increased in number, great fat shiny cackling things who have already taken, that I know of, three tiny fledglings, sparrows I think, discarding their bodies when eaten enough. However the wood pigeons are beginning to fight back, I have watched the pigeons chasing away the magpies, the male protecting his pregnant female. My garden seems to be a minor mirror image of the world at the moment, fighting and screeching and killing but then the beauty of song and the little birds snuggled together for warmth and protection in the bushes.

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