February 2014

Every day since the killing of our rabbit I have been shown/heard about foxes, either in a magazine, television, email, radio, there was a white van parked at the side of my home today with Fox Rentals written on the side! No I have not written the story yet but it will come.

Christmas was enjoyed with some of my family here, only Peter, Belinda, Scarlet and Maya in Australia again. Good news they are coming here 2014 Christmas, it will be so lovely for my whole family all to be together again.

Michael has been very ill for more than a week now, real influenza what a horrible illness, today a teeny bit better so hopefully he is reaching the corner to turn! I cancelled my train journey to Carole’s to celebrate Rich 40th Birthday, and of course they were very kind and concerned. That is the second time I have been prevented from going and to claim a refund one has to produce a Doctors letter which cost as much as the train tickets, so it is not worth it!

Having decided on New Years Day to restart to drive I drove around the block, it felt really weird but oh the relief of becoming independent again, only driving locally at the moment but now my broken bones are healed and becoming more flexible I will soon go further.

My car has been recalled for a safety check so will be driving to Preston on Monday the 10th for airbag check.and hope Michael will be well enough to come with me.

It seems so long since I wrote a post and so much has happened but I hope to get back into the discipline of writing every eve again

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